Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Etsy...What is it?

Etsy...What is it?? Some sort of new fangled social media? Like I need another place to feel like I'm on display. I'd feel like the time my boob popped out of my swimsuit as I was standing in line at the high dive at a public pool. Nothing like putting your stuff out there to have a stranger look it over, get a very bizarre look as if  they just left a freak show, turn immediately and leave! Don't worry, I won't be flashing anyone my boobs this time, but I will show you my stuff. So have fun checking out my Etsy shop and remember that anything you buy will keep me from being on the show "Hoarders". I swear there are times that I have so many craft projects going that the only way you could see me is if my boob was popping out from under it all!

Any-who "Thanks" for taking the time to pop by!

Get 15% OFF now until May 5th!

32" bow and headband holder, personalized with child's initial. 7" wood letter with print and 25" coordinating color ribbon. Ribbon wall mount on top. Each letter available in verging patterns and ribbon style in color tone picked.

Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.


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