Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Addicted to Pinterest??????

Hi, my name is Emily and I am an addict. Its been 3 hours since I last logged on. I keep thinking each day it will be easier and that I will be able to go the whole day without it. Then, my husband comes in the room and asks me, "Hey babe, whatcha doing?" I nonchalantly cover my I-Pad and say, "Nothing..." I fail to mention I've spent the last hour looking up DIY Pop-Tarts! So due to my addiction to Pinterest, I now have amassed over 4,000 pins! I just can't seem to stop myself! I'm like a fat girl with cake...wait, I am a fat girl that likes cake. So, due to my impulse control of a five year old, which rivals my husbands addiction to Skylanders, I have so many pins that I am determined to do at least a quarter of these projects! For those other Pinterest junkies out there, how do you manage your Pinterest projects without having blood-shot eyes because you never get to sleep??!

Now I think is time to close with the Pinterest Serenity Prayer:

Lord, grant me the serenity to pass over the pins I cannot do, the courage to take on the pins I can, and the wisdom to know when enough is enough. Amen

Sincerely seeking help!


  1. Hi Sincerely Seeking Help... I have no organization and it wasn't a problem till now...

    I have groups within groups... food = cooking and baking - Under cooking = entrees, sides, desserts, etc...

    Home stuff for shelves, furniture, painting ideas, etc... person stuff for hair and stuff...

    But crafting is hard to organize...

    1. Patricia I know what you mean! My crafts are usually crafts=painting, sewing, crocheting=in stages one, two and three of completion! It is definitely a hard one! :0D